Friday, 10 January 2014

Chace Crawford Names an Official Publicist

Hollywood TV star Chace Crawford now resides in the South Pacific waiting to be joined by wife who in protest due to the unfair behind the scenes. Treatment of targeted Hollywood's most beautiful and most shiny things found himself at the heart of a blackmail scheme. An inner circle of Hollywood eventually infiltrated by the corrupt London Metropolitan Police lead by Driss Hayoukane. The London Metropolitan Police phone hacking scandal targeted several of those considered on the list of the then sought after woman by Hollywood hunk Chace Crawford and wife of Brad Pitt many thought were merely waiting to marry. 

But, those behind the scenes discovered that she Kesha known as Cassandra at birth on March 1, 1969 was betroth to as many as nine male suitors of esteemed family birth right for the purpose of royal duty across the world. And, even already married to Brad Pitt. Crawford and his family bloodline selected long before his birth already knew before he entered into Hollywood circles that he would make Kesha his wife. Encountering Brad Pitt, the husband, also named in the same list. Some say placing himself upon the list and even going so far as to remove many of the competition literally with a single bound. Pitt forged his relationship and love affair with the star Entertainment & Celebrity News writer Kesha Coggins in 1999 later known as Kesha Coggins Pitt & Kesha Pitt. First contactng her mother now estranged then later discovering her in grave danger of the London Metropolitan Police corrupt undertaiking. Crawford preferring Kesha Crawford and Crawford Pitt announced to the world in December 2010 that he was getting married to his dream girl and the love of his life would also find himself mixed in the same undertaking by 2006. 
Ironically, he already betroth to her at the time of Pitt adding his own name to the prestigious bloodline of previously listed suitors would assure Crawford only 2-years earlier that he was already married to the woman the two loved then and even more now deeply. With the consent of Pitt, the trio freeing themselves from the gamut of blackmailers that are still in pursuit of this first for Hollywood trio family union and marital union exchanged renewed vow on February 3, 2011. Like straight out of a film now they trio have even more in common with fellow family member and suitor to wife Kesha Pitt aka Kesha Crawford Pitt, Crawford names wife Kesha as his publicist after years of solo appearances and never a fake coupling storyline to mare his chances of landing the wife he set out to marry all over again.. Like Pitt, devastating sexy, this TV stars' wife as their publicist and manager will lead Crawford's career into the next stage and that many are saying is movie stardom. 

Masterpiece ~Literary Film Institute CEO Confirms Official Website

An Entertainment & Celebrity News writer in her own right since 2006, Kesha Pitt aka Kesha Coggins Pitt and Kesha Crawford Pitt propelled social network sites like Gather & Associated Content which became Yahoo Contributor Network to record hits and pay per click unseen ever before. Earning her a substantial amount of money each month, she is most likely one of the top ten internet and/or entertainment writers in the world.

Pleasurably enjoys writing and formulating ideas on all levels of media. It was her entertainment headlines and enthusiasm for DIY, the arts, old films that propelled her to the top of 10 lists and even the 1 million hits mark on Yahoo website Yahoo Contributor Network.. Other successful publication and ventures and

Now launching yet another innovating concept and first of its kind literary option rights venture shall see her embark on a new start of a different kind.  See the official website
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Gossip Girl Chace Crawford & spouse to attending GLAM! The Performance of Style Music | Fashion | Art

The sexiest man on television may have kept  himself way from dating for many years in Hollywood since first girlfriend country star Carrie Underwood. According to close friends, Crawford, 28, was saving himself for the girl of his dreams. A trip to Mexico brought the pair together for the what turned out to be very fast invention on the part of husband Brad Pitt. The trio long-term parents became more united as family than ever when Pitt freeing himself from former co-star sought Crawford for assistance in bring himself together with wife Kesha too.

A reluctulant Crawford eventually agree and the trio have been up against the opposition and haters ever since. Gossip Girl targeted by ex-suiters and sick-a-fan former friends included ended on one television network to be snatched up on anonther. Twelve heading to the silver screen would mean that this husband, father and tv star will be a very busy hottie in the New Year.

GLAM! The Performance of Style Music | Fashion | Art in Austria celebrates fashion in its own way when reined supremely. As rockers and hippester came into their own fashionista style all over London.. Twelve movie star will also be attending with Romeo & Juilet star Douglas Booth and Brad Pitt.

See the official website for more details:

Chace Crawford to attend Festival de San Sebastian

Chace Crawford to attend Festival de San Sebastian

Argentina's most prestigious film festival the Festival de San Sebastian will return for yet another stunning year. Last years event featured several Argentina home grown talent rise and rise as the films were not only short listed for the festival but also selected in the top honours at the festive.

'Cogans' Way' is expect to be submitted as well as 'The Counselor.' Past collaborations between producer/writer/CEO Kesha Pitt and husband Brad Pitt watch the successful film company the pair ran together rise rise and rise at both the box office and at the Oscars.

Festival de San Sebastian  September 20-28, 2014

Will Chace be next to receive top honours at the next San Sebastian film festival?