Thursday, 18 September 2014

Open letter to CEO Yahoo Marissa Mayers ~ Yahoo Where is this Profile ~

Open letter to CEO Yahoo Marissa Mayers ~ Yahoo Where is this Profile ~

This complaint cause this changed and redirected as if to hide the url from the author/copyrights holder/writer Mrs Kesha Cassandra aka Kesha Coggins forever....

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Kesha Coggins - Stolen Adsense Revenue and Removed URL PROFILE FROM INTERNET
Posted on Friday, September 5th, 2014 at 5:08am CDT by Kesha C.
Me Too!

Company: Kesha Coggins
Location: 119 Rectory Street
27710, US
Category: News, Media Stolen Adsense Revenue and Removed URL PROFILE FROM INTERNET - discrimination & theft of my revenue income for over a year.

Successful Gather Entertainment and Celebrity News Writer Launched to the Top of the Entertainment World then Launched the most successful online Magazine Ever at January 14-June 16, 2010. Magazine Tres on wordpress which also has not paid. Prior to Magazine Tres was of Boston, MASS. formerly Suite 101. Racist team of Gather recently take my top earning profile ( unlawfully 4-years old after also unlawfully demoting me to their community where you only earn revenue generated income per click resulting in a EECO complaint by Sept. 2010. Hired as an Entertainment and Celebrity News writer. the complaints of spelling errors in the face of meeting 100,000 hits per month with a signed contract Gather would allege the matter to EECO was a non-employee clause.

Their attempt to evade ruling going against them was to allege that their was no contract of employment that made them the employee lead to the further undermine of the writing profile which I submitted nothing else to since summer 2010. So, that would also now mean that they still have no contract come 2014 and therefore they should never ever receive funding from Adsense on my behalf ever which they have been and refusing to pay me since 2012. Nor should they or other sources on the behalf of freelance writer Kesha Coggins namesake or Mrs Kesha Cassandra Pitt remove my for any reason without my permission. or acknowledgement as to what the new url is and can be located. Making malicious post against on their website only makes their discrimination now based on illegally wanting to hold onto revenue payments from Absence while I protest online further warranting police and court proceedings against them.

Their efforts continue to block my rise as writer and entertainment profiles are not also blocked with Admin introduction such as Facebook, featuring posting in 2010 also removed and downed. Blocking of my rise on Gather and at the same to on Associated ironically became Yahoo Contributor Network just weeks later in summer 2010.??

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