Saturday, 17 January 2015

BREAKING NEWS~MarieWatkins & Hollywood Niggers after Downing Brad Pitt & Mrs Kesha Cassandra after Refusing to go inside so the can fosterparent illegally the Brad Pitt & Mrs Kesha Cassandra while Breaking and Entering Her Luxury homes and Properties A world where they Entend to stay for FREE

Now niggers show how they ggoing  to  far raped and beat  Brad PITT and now target wife  Mrs Kesha Cassandra profiles to the point of destroying  them not just hacking in attempt  to  force her like they do  Gossip Girl  Chace Crawford and BRAD PITT...TRYCE,  NEWLY  JOINING  TO  PUBLIC ASSAULT APPEARS TO  NOT  UNDERSTSND  THAT  HE AND HE ALONES GOES TO   FAR...CALLING AROUND TAIPEI  JOBS SOUGHT  BY MRS KESHA CASSANDRA TO BLOCK HER  APPOINTMENTS IS ONE THING  DELETING  HER JOB CONFIRMATION EMAILS IS ANOTHER...
Of course, loser Brad  Pitt fake publicist  pyscho stalker Marie Watkins nurse and anethetist  kept the Brad and Angelina lie alive for the pedophike wordl everywhere.  She of  course  Binta Watkins mother-in-law not wife of Brad Pitt,  Mrs Kesha Cassandra.  And,  not   Binta  Wakins also not related but the entire family stealing and plotting to take everything  affter her death..

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