Thursday, 24 September 2015

Chace Crawford Talks to Interview Magazine

Chace Crawford talks life, career and more with Interview Magazine. Set to debut his new TV series "Blood and Oil" on September 27th Sunday starring opposite Don Johnson who also is no stranger to mega TV series like Miami Vice and Nash Bridges, Crawford buzz is at an all time peak.

Check out the interview and his latest photos here
Interview excerpt;

KITSCH: Finding that groove now, where you're really starting to settle into him and feel comfortable, what are some of those things that you've explored through the work that have caught you off-guard or surprised you?

CRAWFORD: It's so different, playing this character compared to what I was doing. It's still television—it's a medium where you're a little bit, not a slave to the writing, but you've got to see what kind of curve balls they throw at you. With the other one, we started off so young; I was 20 years old playing 18. We got to be older, but it never really moved out of that genre. With this [show], having a wife, being married and having that relationship, I always thought it was very important to keep it grounded in some form of reality. I really hope they try and maintain that. They gave us a lot of freedom. The pilot's really good. It's a really different way of working, and [the director] Jonas [Pate] was great. I know you know him. 

KITSCH: I worked with him on Friday Night Lights. On TV in general, it's tough when directors just come in and you're in your groove and whatnot. He was one guy I remember on FNL that fit in seamlessly. We were talking about it when you were thinking about taking the job—that it was Jonas and you had met him. Tell me about how you guys have got along and that process.

CRAWFORD: Oh man, I'm taking him to a Cowboys' game in Atlanta—the third game. 

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