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Angelina Jolie's Hollywood Dead List

Now three years on since the world would learn of husband and wife Brad and Kesha Pitt aka Mrs Kesha Cassandra's efforts to settle down on the islands of Guam, Saipan & Rota, Angelina Jolie getting help Matt Damon and George Clooney still falsely claims to the mother  of Brad Pitt wife's Kesha DSS legal guardianship granted 2008/2009 children. All three help each other evade justice all these years and the years earlier when they set out to defraud Brad and Mrs Kesha Cassandra's fortune emassed from Plan B and Brad's lucrative $20 million a flick film salary. George Clooney skimming $3 million off the top unknown to both BRad and Mrs Kesha Cassandra, it would be Jolie and brother James Haven who initially seek out so 25 percent of the actors fortune through falsely claimed biological children.

The estranged Mother of Kesha Pitt aka Kesha Coggins Pitt,. Constance Gary collabortaed with London Met Police officer Driss Hayoukane out of jealously and worst blackmail or using the her non-related to her other than distance niece as leverage as a child to enter into Hollywood circles and more Illuminati. Pooling money to advance one other they would all find themselves at the heart of t he darkest end of the so called 'inside" aka pedophile. No more was the three times a year abuse of a child, the child know as Cassandra in particular but as often as months and months solid abuse would occur as both Patrick the so called spouse would advance up the ladders of society until they were face to face with Illuminati head and elite.

It would be Mrs Kesh Cassandra's deportation to Guam from Thailand that she learned of the several biologically hers and Brad's children. But, also of a past so dark t hat she still dose not speak of nor does husband Brad. Now assist by Driss Hayoukane, prostituting these children with assistance of human trafficker (aka her own 39 years earlier) Amal Mansour for Hollywood, the family including Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford and also Sebastian Travis Fimmel, Jolie, Clooney, Damon, and others go about daily terrorization of both Brad and Kesha. But, worst than that attempting to murder and kill both Chace and Brad as well as the Brad and Mrs. Kesha Cassandra children.

FORTY YEARS LATER, he is at the heart of the Cassandra molestation scandal of the early 70's 90 plus assaulter now pursuit of her and Brad's as well as Chace. Returned to Brad and Mrs Kesha Cassandra IN 2011, Driss Hayoukane and other met officers spent the past 19 months working with enemies from Kesha's past to alliance themselves with Hollywood community of molesters. Already know to the wife of Brad and Chace as far back as  being passed around in order that they would get a fancy houses in 1973 & 1975 are the same people pursing her on the islands and her children in January 2011.

These are the people assisting the molestation circle that seeks to keep her children forever away and placed in foster care Apartheid America.  Dr. Coggins of no relation whatsoever, has a history of young boys and teens. He & Connie must be stopped!  Also, featured is his long life associate & pedophile friend believed to have assisted with the harm of the child Kai-al who looks exactly like father Brad Pitt and  his mother Kesha. Same skin colouring and features of his fathers profile and physique.

An actual recent complaint sent to the London Met Police below now bring a real response from the London Met Police. It is time for Driss to go behind bars.... forever!

On 17 December 2013 12:37, Chace Crawford <> wrote:
Danny Berheim posing now as a British London Metropolitan police officer is raping males in know and my husband is one who those nearest the situation have named. Connected to Driss Hayoukane and Alastair Burlingham (previously roommates in London) Berheim is believed to be carting children biologically related to me, raping them and prostituting them, as well has having fathered children with my sister Amira Coggins Turner. On Skype he appears claiming some sort of marriage via a game at Lader Towers called Crime Unit. I have nothing to do with him but am concerned by his threatens to rape me and take me inside. Hayoukane is said to be amongst those carting raped children around in some sort of conspiracy with my mother Constance Gary.

I wish to make a complaint against Driss  Hayoukane and Danny BERHEIM. Pedophile Ring using bloodline children of mine and my husband and spouse Brad PItt and Chace Crawford...  Illuminati is what he thought he joined but is Hollywood pedophile ring. I AM THE MOST NOTORIOUSLY RAPED 43 YEARS AGO CALLED CASSANDRA. Married to Brad Pitt William Brad Pitt since 1984/85. Driss knew about our relationship through phone hacking while he homosexually pursued busting me up from Merrill Lynch banker Alastair Burlingham since 1999/2000. Now he pursues Brad and Chace homosexually ... both are raped by him and Norman CHO, others involved in trafficking 3000 children a year for Hollywood aka George Clooney and MATT DAMON,,. LONDONER SUSANA PELLICANO AND CHOIMA ANAGHAR. Other famous people involved with taking in my children David and Victoria Beckham as well Jennifer Aniston.  Angelina Jolie and CPS AKA DSS reported by me in 2009 revealed child abuse and neglect and II gained custody of all six (Alastair Burlingham and Matt Damon fathered white children and so called orphans related to me are mixed race not Cambodian and not even Vietnamese... but Brad's and mine.   I am EliteOne Provocateur CEO/sole proprietor but London Met officers now blackmail Brad about some sort of molestation of Zahara who is believed to be dead by those in Jolie's group who raped the girl after BRAD TRIED TO GIVE HER BACK TO THE AFRICAN MOTHER... IN 2008.

James haven dead.. her brother.Sue Chan dead... the housekeeper/nannyHolly Goldine  dead... publicist and egg provider of the fake Brad Pitt childrenMarianne Pearl dead... was believed to be married to Danny Berheim aka Alastair Burlingham's former roommate and Merrill Lynch employee.WILL BENNETT DEAD... teamed up with Hayoukane to force my home into foreclosure in 2009, stalked be from Cancun hostel and is the real name of Matt Damon.
Angelina Jolie's hairdresser dead.
Angelina Jolie's make-up artist dead... 2008/2009 all of the dead ... Haven and Bennett Jan 2010.

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On Thu, Aug 21, 2014 at 7:00 PM, <> wrote:

Ms Coggins

This e-mail is in relation to the information we received via the IPCC. Can you outline for me what your complaint against officers from the Metropolitan Police is as this is unclear. You also appear to be mentioning matters which relate to events in America, if so you will need to contact authorities there.

Can I ask you to outline your heads of complaints against Met Police officers including dates of events.

Can I have this information within the next 7 days 28th Aug 2014, if I do not hear from you I shall consider taking no further action.

DS Nicholas

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