Friday, 29 August 2014

Crime Unit Stalking & Hounding Wife of Brad Pitt Now Blogspot.com is this profile?

Brad Kesha Pitt Real Missing From Blogpsot....

Now CEO/Founder ends the Magazine Tres Blog & Magazine Tres Treasers....  Now plagiarized in Europe by Jennifer Aniston's efforts to steal and live the public personal life of Brad Pitt and Mrs Kesha Cassandra through BWR and Trend Hunter taking the liberates who have been slurring her in the press now targeting yet another one of her shared with Brad Pitt profiles. First taking down BradKesha on Facebook, they further attempt to steal and plagiarized from Yahoo and Gather past posting around the world.   Overstate their claim of so called taking her "in" they seek to destroy and use Mrs Kesha Cassandr while keeping her apart from husband Brad Pitt and Chace Crawford.

Ansiton's involvement with the 'nigger treated' wife of Brad Pitt and Chace Crawford has reached prosecution crime. Her and other like Tarja P Nelson another Brad Pitt stalker just months hacked into site and profiles and the removal of her and Brad's actual and then only official Facebook his & Hers husband and wife profile meant that BWR and Hollywood were attacking her and proving racism accusations made in 2006.

Brad Pitt hounded and raped by Matt Damon and George Clooney, Aniston continues to be only concerned with claiming she and Brad are back together and he and she will be attending events together any day. Like Aniston, Angelina Jolie also continues to terrorize the marriage of Brad and Kesha. Plotting together to assault Gossip Girl Chace Crawford, a gang of nine plus arrived,  islands of Guam and Saipan where Brad, Kesha, Chace and their children relocated to escape the horror have been the focus of 2500 molestation report in 2011 and denial issued over a year later paid for my Hollywood meant that Hollywood was been the rapes but also continued to abduct both Brad and Chace by 2014.
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  1. Entertainment update... Brad Kesha Pitt Real blogspot profile returns out of nowhere... hackers have changed background photo but appears to be as it should be... the property of CEO, Entertainment & Celebrity News writer and more Mrs Kesha Cassandra ~