Friday, 29 August 2014

Hoop from Flavor Reality Plot to Murder Chace Crawford & Take Wife Mrs Kesha Cassandra "IN"

Gossip Girl Chace Crawford raped & tortured by Hoop from Flavor Fav reality plot to murder Chace Crawford & take wife Mrs Kesha Cassandra "IN" Discovering him on a Hollywood list of whom was to court and wed the only Mrs. Kesha Cassandra in 2009, he would find himself up against not just Brad Pitt but also estranged relative of Brad Sebastian Travis Fimmel. First outsing Sebastian Travis, Chace would find himself abducted by those he thought could connect him to wife Mrs Kesha Cassandra. Lured to Hartford, Ct he would met up with NFL star Tom Brady. But, not long after find himself at the heart of an abduction involving London Metropolitan Police, Amira Coggins (Turner) SO CALLED SISTER, Jamie Steven, step brother of missing sister Binta Stevenson replaced some 20-years earlier by Binta (Priscilla) Watkins, Antonio and Marie Watkins and eventually George Clooney.  After the first month of waiting news of wife Mrs. Kesha Cassandra, Chace was sexually assaulted and kept hostage from two additional months until the thought he heard the news of his wife's attack in Thailand and murder. Contacting Brad Pitt, Clooney and Matt Damon the same day he would attack his assaulter who were by then join by Hoop and others from the Hip Hop community of Hollywood. 

Matt Damon aka Will Bennett (same namesake as the Cancun hostel stalker who infiltrated Pitt's small but inner circle in 2009/2010) Ironically, the Ghetto hoods and Hip Hop Negros are sent in by Jennifer Aniston to keep Brad Pitt and wife Mrs Kesha Cassandra from coming together after she like the rest world that pair were secretly married for nine years. 
Aniston who collaborated with corrupt London Met Police Driss Hayoukane since 2002. Now adding herself to Brad's Google profile as spouse noone knows when she would have been his spouse as she merely lied to the British press in summer 2000 when she said the pair had married. In fact, she never married him or anyone else in her entire life. Yet, 15-years later she continues to hound after years of begging in the press for him to come back to her. Now publicly acknowledged as husband and wife, Aniston assists Hoop in also keeping Chace from the woman who has been her rival for years since they were declared by Brad as just good friends. 

Aniston and Hoop seeking others to sodomize and rape Crawford repeatedly until he agreed to stay down and/or stay away. Refusing to let him go until his wife as a prostitute as well as Pitt. Enlisting cast and crew on Gossip Girl, Aniston and others hound him online via Facebook, carry out a series of crime sprees involving the theft of wife Mrs Kesha Cassandra's net income as well as his and Brad's. Rather than endure repeated beating and rape just 3 years ago, Crawford went about Hollywood duties behind the scenes to make ends meet but more importantly to earn enough to compete with husband of the woman he loved then and more now Mrs. Kesha Cassandra Pitt and of course her husband Brad Pitt. He also went out of his normal life to obtain larger amounts of money to buy her the life of her dreams. Purchasing her first home's in Budapest, Italy and NEW YORK CITY (the latter being co-purchased by Brad, Chace and Kesha Brad putting up the $2.9 million cash for the newly formed family to come together in glamours style. 

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