Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Mr & Mrs Chace Crawford Message Wishing Everyone Goodbye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My wife and I are being kept apart by Medhat Sheik el Ard of Saudi... Trafficker, pedophile and stalker of my wife. Lived off her for decades now the money is over. She married to me and Brad Pitt and I made the mistake of supporting the media bullshit falsely alleging the two married instead of my wife and Pitt. I want h er to myself but they want to use the story to end her from me and everyone.... Hollywood racism but more over bad girls and jealousy.

The worst has come and the marriage is to be dissolved and we most on separate lives. She does not stay in touch so it will be goodbye forever! My life is not the life that she can stand by so I am inside and she remains outside.

Goodby to those who cared! take care to those who harmed us ... the end!!!!!!!

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