Monday, 27 October 2014

Mrs Kesha Cassandra Pitt~ My life as Mrs. Pitt .... & so very loved

My life as Mrs. Pitt .... so very loved. He is the first man to make me feel that I was at long last very truly loved. I hadn't thought about before.... He is in danger now... I must destroy all who harm him. Wait for his place beside as he also does. In our hearts we twined everything before now alone... recent years plus one and several little ones. Amira Coggins is viciously after destroying our love as those of falsehoods around my husband also seek and alliance themselves....

Amira Coggins, Binta Watkins, Antonio Watkins, Marie Watkins aka Betty Hughes of DSS have my husbands via Jennifer Aniston turning to Jamie Stevenson and Antonio Watkins in 2009. Our public confirmation of marriage incited her... She had him raped nine times even calling upon Patrick Rombaut and Alastair Burlingham of the London Met Police farce which lead to his being also raped by the same people and kept away from me.
They stole everything by 2010, I emerged with him arriving in Guam December of the same year with Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford and stole aka got it all back. So, why are they gathered round him now again. Chace also held and raped by them. Jennifer and her Andy Roddick foul plan for me.... Where are the real police. Brad Pitt needs rescuing and I need justice still....

Amira and Binta connection to Hollywood career sabotage... Missing url still unpaid in revenue directly, nor-responsive Yahoo and Gather now Wordpress. Read more here
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