Monday, 8 December 2014

Chace Crawford Latest... Abducted by Arabs from wife's Past

Chace Crawford Latest... Abducted by Arabs from wife's Past

Rumor or fact~

Held for months against his will in 2008 and 2010, Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford held off three ex suitors and nine wanting fiends to make his way into the loving heart and arms of Mrs Kesha Cassandra wife of Hollywood actor Brad Pitt. Sharing a spouse became almost necessary as the world listened in a the pronouncement of a new Queen of England.... an heir to the Mary Queen of Scots fortune.

But, also the dangerous lifestyle of Brad Pitt hunted by Tom Cruise and even Chace Crawford himself, the world of dark and undercurrents of pedophile would eventually bring to the surface childhood abuse never spoken of or ever before mentioned.

Najat, Najah, Madia and Medhat Sheik el Ard as well as a Turkey homosexual called Jim now hold him and harm him daily with the intent of starting a lavish life with Chace''s and Brad's wife Mrs Kesha Cassandra. Named monarchy of Monace, this royal family means to rise while all who gather around wish to replace spouse/husband entitled with themselves both males and females.

Leaving Hollywood, is what Medhat hoped his efforts to bring Chace down not just last year but three years ago, but also hope to snare his wife the woman he briefly dated from 190-1991 off and on.

Chace is due to arrive Ho Chin Min where wife and the only mother of his numerous little children and some adult teen ages presently waits news of Brad and Chace's arrival and not Madonna, Tom Cruise or Angelina Jolie.  Made in love with Ho Chin Min and Saigon... the family are expected to attend Berlin Film Festival minus Jolie and Hanger on George Clooney.

Could this be the hot couple trio's first ever public appearance together?    

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