Monday, 29 December 2014

Chace Crawford to take the Playboy Club lead from cheater and Hollywood shambolic Eddie Ciriran.

Mind numbing perform off Eddie is surpassed by the natural HOT and OMG of Gossip Girl star.Hiting cnes and seizing celebritystardom. Hard working the of Hollywood actor Brad Pitt and Chace Crawford set upon the revengence and rendetta of hose from the life of heir wife Mrs. Kesha Cassandra. Perhaps, sending Hollywood spiralling out of control. Tipped for lead to replace fallen gay jackass and treachrous collaborater of Angelina Jolie, much behind the scene has been Matt's assaults and George Clooney to keep  not down in Hollywood but out of Hollywood.Crawford still lea ew operativeto he Bourne series to the level. Could Marc Antony another box office monster epic flick for the hottest man on TV.

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