Thursday, 25 December 2014

SOS ~ British Parents, Mary Queen of Scots Heir, wife of Brad Pitt & Chace Crawford even Douglas Booth Now Calls Upon British Embassy & Consulate for Help arriving Hanoi on route to Hong Kong

The American Consulate offered no assistance after first offering a ticket back to the states.

Sole Beneficiary_Family_Name: Kesha (Casandra) Rona
Beneficiary_Name_Given_Name: Coggins
Beneficiary_Date_Of_Birth-Month: March
Beneficiary_Date_Of_Birth-Day: 1
Beneficiary_Date_Of_Birth-Year: 1969
Passport_Number: 452056285
Your_Name_Family_Name: CASANDRA
Your_Name_Given_Name: unknown
Relationship_To_Beneficiary: Self
First_Email: yes
txtReason: Message Text (optional) Maximum characters: 500
This email is UNCLASSIFIED.
   I am in danger and have been since the London Met undertaking against in 1999 which led to their attempt to kill me during a knife attack in Thailand. A DSS North Carolina turned pedophile head to get close to celebrities is assisting them with theft of my online writing fortune, my Oxford, NC home sale funds being stolen even further foreclosed after the Bank of America what ordered to pay me $355 million for discrimination against minority mortgage holders who were unlawfully foreclosed.

I am now arrived Hanoi after homeless and destitution in Ho Chin Min, Vietnam on route to Hong Kong where I am to commence an English Teaching job as my funds, inheritance and online income are stolen from everywhere and this conspirators list is behind it all.....

for more details about the home invasion of properties. Hollywood Pedophile parties are being held on my grounds around the world. Their version of my EliteOne Provocateur... which they were all banned from but continued to run behind my back, collecting money and prostituting children to pay for it...

I am Mary Queen of Scots heir. The whole world is after me....

Married to British born William (Robert) Bradley Pitt
 since 2001, but initially married since 1984. I have residence stamp for UK since 2002 or 2003 and want to have a UK passport immediately for collection here in Hanoi. I get no assistance from US who are stealing my ARRA and fostercare aka pedophile holding my children.

I am homeless so have no address, but will be reachable by email and in person... collection for passport collection. 
My previous passport information holding my residence stamp is #701069832 and residence #0697243A


Mrs Kesha Pitt also Mrs Kesha Cassandra Rona Pitt our legal name is also Jameson Pitt

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