Monday, 15 December 2014

EliteOne Provocateur Exploited, Looted and SHUTDOWN forever

Don't expect Brad and Angelina to be actually running the hottest entertainment firm in the world as it in fact came under horrendous Hollywood racism, internal betrayal and ended when private estates still owned by founder and CEO Mrs Kesha Cassandra aka Kesha Rona Coggins discovered the vicious Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Jeffers and eventually Courtney Cox sabotaging the weekend events and venues themselves.

The ending was unavoidable when Hollywood including Tom Cruise turned up in Guam carting away sacks and sacks of money... what was paid to CEO Mrs Kesha Cassandra stolen by Brad Pitt and Angelina as well as all the other former execs who still refuse to pay without some claim of sex being involved and/or further effotrs to continue to so call "take in" even more of her wealth, belongs purchased as logged on Loft City only official website and

Read more of her more recent venture and campaigns being stolen or plagiarized here

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