Saturday, 27 December 2014

Former London-based Property Estate Agent ~ In London Property Mitchel Class Behind the Extraordinary Foreclosure Rate the Swept Across America

Mitchel Class Behind the Extraordinary Foreclosure Rate the Swept Across America

Targeting homes and luxury estates belonging the woman who herself suffered a horrendous foreclosure that included the seizure of her North Carolina duplex home while she embarked upon life and a new start in Thailand. Tenants turned against her and refusing to pay set off months of homeless that was only further induced by Paypal blocking a measly $100 that she attempted to transfer into a local Thai bank account to avoid the 150 baht at the Atm per transaction fee. Intead, the access to the funds was blocked on both sides of the old and new account for 6 months or so unitl a very concerned staff memeber of Paypal came on and explained to her just how lucky she was to get her and not someone else who would have further blocked the account and ignored her plelase for the release of the funds....

Hollywood foreclosures, lost of public face and property portfolios disappearing without real explanation. Nic Cage  for instance lost a number of prestigious properties around the world. Much in the way the CEO and sole propietor of Elite One Hotel Group and Elite One Media Group has been fighting off. Daily attempts to squat in her Regilia Bay, Hong Kong stately homes as well as even palaces around the world as if some sort of
organised network spells that this crime unit group have arrogantly done this and gotten  away this before....

Now hovering around Brad Pitt drugged up andn prostituted by who he claims to be the wife in spite of his homewrecker Mrs Kesha Cassandra in 1999 when she then dated Alastair Burlingham, his tracking her life around the world to end up one of the many drugging and raping Pitt along with a team of British Met Police who will do nothing but continue to cart him away from Mrs Kesha Cassandra and keep her from her right place in England now gone and instead London and England under Monaco.

When will the world stop this gang of London meanancing madness that has under America and Hollywood all at once. Check out Loft City here

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