Sunday, 21 December 2014

Exposed My Rivals and Ex-Friends &Fake Family~ Fraudulant Attempts to Steal from Eliteone Provocateur CEO & Now Pink Party Events Founder Mrs Kesha Cassandra Pitt and other email accounts are benig registered without my permission by a Amal ... Amal Mansour even Madonna or Halle Berry to block my transfer of funds with came off my Paypal earlier this year but to a US base address. Ten dollars transfer was deducted but the transaction manual canceled by a Binta Watkins hunting Yahoo revenue earning for her "IN THIS" OFF fACEBOOK BLACKMAIL AND EXTORTION ring headed by her mother-in-law Marie Watkins, DSS officer NC BETTY HUGHES and so called mother Constance Gary and ex-friend Jennifer Jeffers.

I deperately need to access those funds.... I have an account number and CREDIT CARD just recently expired so also require a new card. I will be employed in Hong Kong so can have it sent there by Feb. 2015

My MONEY wise card number is #5432 9603 0028 7762
I launched EliteOne Provocateur and have experienced Hollywood invasion of my banking faciilities around the world. 

Paypal account number is
There number 

Other emails suddenly registered included
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