Wednesday, 25 June 2014

ARRA Funds Used Swindle Property Fortune Away from Wife of Brad Pitt

Hollywood bedunked George Lucas, actors Paul Walker and Tom Welling and even British footballer David Beckham are said to be just some of the former EliteOne Provocateur exec and liaison officers heading the dismantlement and swindling of trillions of dollars in property purchases around the world as well as fleece her of the extensive fleet of luxury automobile and yachts. The most recently purchased yachts were used without permission of the own Mrs. Kesha Cassandra and vandalised when she discovered the ill use of her treasured possessions everywhere.

Some 2500 children legally guardianship granted this heir and are confirmed biologically related will be looked after outside of the Americans, their ARRA thefts and exploitation of this bloodline to gain access to the homes around must be prosecuted. The children are never to given to or taken away from falsely claim US relatives... as their are none real or falsely alleged.

Check out the Beckham and the JayZ newly announced net worth. Every exec appears to come up with the billions so where is the CEO heads' Mrs Kesha Pitt aka Kesha R Coggins Pitt's trillions.

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