Thursday, 19 June 2014

George Clooney Homosexually after Gossip Girl star like Matt Damon after Brad Pitt?

George Clooney Homosexually after Gossip Girl star like Matt Damon after Brad Pitt? Clooney hanging on a little to tightly to the personal life of Brad Pitt continues to mislead the press about involvement with former co-star turn liar, false baby claimer and stalker in spite of public acknowledgement of his marriage since 2001 (1985). But, is Clooney now b-lining Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford because he is also married to the woman Clooney could never get his hands on.  Saddling Crawford since 2009 to some sort of blackmail scheme after violent assault occured on set of Gossip Girl, Clooney seems determined to make the Crawford Pitt family his and not Kesha aka Mrs Kesha Cassandra Pitt's family.

Matt Damon after Brad Pitt homosexually gave access to the Angelina Jolie facade. Since 2008/2009, resorting to sexually assaulting Hollywood actor who incidentally did not father any of her children biologically which some say is why she never wants to admit that they are over and in fact were never a couple in the first place aka no child support to be ever granted or heir to any fortune as she and her mother first initially plotted and thought.

Discovering Kesha Coggins at the heart of a London Met Police undertaking in summer then October when they sought to arrest her, run her into court the following then ship her off to Holloway prison just minutes after what they thought would have been the courts siding with them rather than her in competence Solicitors Michael Lipman & Co. Smanner in the stitch up was the clever last minute Barrister's Brad Pitt must have sent in at the very last minute on the day.Kept from her knowledge in pursuit of the Appeal they successful brought against the Met Police would have netted her several hundred of thousands of pounds at the time be they lost their star witness Alastair Burlingham who are made her witness and summoned to court to testify against the very police undertaking they used his very powerful status and namesake to set her up,. She stood in the way of prostitutes Allison Fabioloa, Nesh and Shana Ramadasham (Merrill Lynch employee).

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