Thursday, 19 June 2014

Magazine Tress Suffering Hacking & Deleted Page

the wife writes ~ Mrs Bradley Pitt~ aka Kesha Pitt

Magazine Tres CEO/Founder Experiencing Hacking and Sabotage on Dashboard

Magazine Tres CEO/Founder Kesha Pitt akak Kesha Rona Coggins experiencing hacking and sabotage on editor with visually deleted items removed from her website uploaded page while working on the updates earlier today. Andy Roddick stalking her for several weeks was the last person she noted witht he assistances of Ashton Kutcher who would have granted him access to commence the hack job at that time. Prior to that was Chris Carmack who lived around the world in her homes with children of hers without her permission and continues to squat in properties owned by her wherever.

Is Hollywood behind more assault attempts on this  Entertainment & Celebrity or the Love & Hip Hop vicious loser Negro woman after Brad Pitt. Big fans of Angelina Jolie it is not understood how they planned to acknowledge Kesha Pitt when all they do is hound her and  her online websites but seemingly do not except t hat she will never have anything   to do with them. Hoop another noted for hacking and deleting along with Jennifer ANISTON WHO NOW CLAIMS TO HAVE CHILDREN WITH Brad Pitt on Hoop's disturbing retarded entertainment online website.!home/c1yuo

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