Thursday, 19 June 2014

Wife of Brad Pitt Stalked By Angelina Jolie
Just three years ago, Mrs. Kesha Pitt has to retrieve some 40 million dollars from former co-star of her husband Angelina Jolie when it was discovered that the golddiggin homewrecker after every dime should could steal or emotionally blackmail from victim Brad Pitt sold their 2009 announced as husband and wife's Malibu cliff bluff dream home from underneath them and without their knowledge or permission.

Recent, desperate ploys to associate herself to Brad and Kesha ended in her return to the fake married Brad Pitt story while plotting to end his life and declare herself heir to his fortune. A fortune he and his pre-nup with wife Kesha leaves everything he his, he earned and owns to Kesha and no one else. Making her way onto red carpet events annually at any cost seems to be what this very disturbed Jolie still heightens herself to do. Since 2008/2009, resorting to sexually assaulting Hollywood actor who incidentally did not father any of her children biologically which some say is why she never wants to admit that they are over and in fact were never a couple in the first place aka no child support to be ever granted or heir to any fortune as she and her mother first initially plotted and thought.

Drugged and severely beaten Pitt arrives with obvious injures and Jolie stands with George Clooney unconcerned could spell disaster for Pitt and his family if Jolie is allowed to continue to pursue a very married man publicly further. Incarceration of JOLIE is definitely what this vicious and pathological fallen actress seems to need. A order of protection was filed on the island of Guam against Jolie earlier this month by Kesha. Mainly,  to end Jolie's collection of children she already lost custody to Kesha and Brad since 2009 but also to end her use of Pitt to gain access to Kesha and the life that waits Kesha with husband Pitt at long last. 

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