Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Breaking News ~ Chace Crawford Kept by Watkins, Hollywood Negros and Chris Carmack, Jesse Metcalfe, Tom Welling, Chris Brown and Alastair Burlingham

The nightmare of Hollywood homosexual rape escalates to keep Gossip Girl actor down and out of work so that lowlifes connected to the past of wife Kesha Cassandra Pitt aka Kesha Pitt wife of Brad Pitt can justify killing him off and destroying his plan to settle in with his wife and family.

Both he and Hollywood actor Brad Pitt have been held abducted by the 'CRIME UNIT' led by Madonna who sought to have him raped after refusing her sex. She targeted every announced to the media potential additional suitor in the 2011 commencement of Brad and Kesha and Chace's public marriage acknowledgement of their relationship and children.

Since then Tom Cruise and George Clooney would homosexually target and rape him aided by the most deceitful mother as she is known to Crawford in his inner circle. Known more to Kesha were those on her list of 9 and 29 all but three she dismissed in the end.

Hunting him and drugging him recently is TV reality personality called HOOP, as well as those who are jealous of him including losers from the past of Kesha, Medhat Sheik El Ard, Jim (Turkish homosexual rapist of Crawford alleging himself to be the boyfriend of Crawford just yesterday) Sheriff of Lequipe Angeles of London nightclub and Antonio Watkins' mother Marie ( molester believed to be the biological mother of George Clooney) and mother-in-law Binta.

Kept against his will for months by racist supremacist, now the so called 'niggers' including Jamie Stevenson, a hoodlum who boasts of raping Brad Pitt and his children). He connected to the mother of Binta' father Joesph Stevenson of Hartford, CT.

NEVER TO JOIN 'CRIME UNIT,' MRS. KESHA CRAWFORD, Crawford made the mistake of involving people like Jesse Metcalfe and Medhat Sheik El Ard into what was supposed to be Move From Poverty projects around Guam. That quickly turned into his being fleeced and roped then eventually blackmail until those responsible for the crimes turned to raping him and the children he and wife Kesha rescued from Ladera Tower, Mangiloa.

Thus, Dnay Farha, a rodant not known or acknowledged by the wife of Chace and Brad, Kesha Pitt set out to steal and publicly run 5 of her EliteOne Provocateur emassed firms including Elite One Films... ridiculously along with Amal Mansour- rival and sick-a-fan stalking her and now Brad Pitt and Chace Crawford.

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