Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Palaces & a Castle Fit for a True Scots Queen ~ Mary Queen of Scots Heir

The new official residence of the true reigning Queen to the Mary Queen of Scot throne selected. Hillsborough Castle is considered the official royal residence since Northern Ireland's creation in 1921 and this heir to the Mary Queen of Scots agrees.

Presently, open to the public, could this be the new monarchy family resides with their several children and grand children even great, great, great grandchildren. As one of the five other royal palaces – the Tower of London, Kensington Palace, Hampton Court Palace, the Banqueting House and Kew Palace, this majestic castle stands above and beyond any modern or traditional Queen's dreams.

Recent debate in the House of Lords last December 2013,determined the stability of this castle's future. The debate taking place between the Northern Ireland Office and the Historic Royal Palaces charity means that the new Queen and her reign could commence from here rather than London as she always wishes since summer 1999 and the British London Met unfortunate perverting the public course of justice . Declared what everyone already knew that the Scot Queen is the only Queen of this century once again last summer, it was inevitable. This chose Scots Queen but reign over England as England's Queen.

Admonished are the Commonwealth's, the America's especially after 16 months of malicious racism that continues to outrage the world.

Long Live Our Queen ~ Mary Queen of Scots Queen~


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