Friday, 20 June 2014

Psycho Homo Chris Carmark formerly "OC" Rape & Assault Brad Pitt

Psycho homo Chris Carmark lies his way into circles around Brad Pitt but not Kesha Pitt. Claiming fake relationship and some sick alleged married to 2014 prior that 2014, the ugly fucking homeless lowlife is still after Brad, raping him and molesting the children biologically Brad's & Kesha. Carmark encountered Jolie in 2005 on the heels of Jennifer Aniston parting and have worked together off and on against Brad & Kesha coming together ever since.

Claims of his attempting to marry other siblings surfaced earlier in his initial contact with EliteOne Provocateur after discovering like everyone else that he and Kesha finally emerged together on the islands of Guam. Now several years on Mrs Kesha Cassandra already gained custody and child support of Pitt (including the Shiloh called children and fake twins) children will be appearing in court to take the children from Jennifer Aniston who carts them around for sexual payment to fund her life just as Angelina Jolie does.

Carmark sexually assaulting and beating Pitt seems most sad. Why Pitt doesn't jail the monster is unreal. He comes near Mrs. Kesha Pitt Chace Crawford, he is going to die!

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