Thursday, 19 June 2014

Brad and Kesha Pitt kids Lured Back into Hollywood Pedophile Ring for Over One Year

Hundreds of the Brad and Kesha Pitt bloodline children related to her and even Gossip Girl star are entered into fostercare where they are raped by NC DSS former or present officer Betty Hughes and B lister Courtney Cox a supreme racist member. Alastair Burlingham confirmed biological father of the Jolie 

Pitt children as well as Medhat Sheik El Ard are also behind the daily distribution of the some 2000 children headed by former friend some 18 years ago Amal Mansour. Ironically, the wife of Brad Pitt would discover that she was one of these kids for Hollywood and Amal was in the same capacity as she is not .... the person who lured her out to clients of perversion and molestation.

Rescued in 2011,  the 2500 children were prior to entered into Guam and raped. Yet the local police still do nothing more than joined the corrupt British Police in cover up if not the raping and sodomizing thousands of celebrities also attending Ladera Towers. Since November 2012, the children kidnapped by Madonna, George Clooney, Tom Cruise and passed around to pay for their lifestyles...

Loser living off the assets of Mrs Bradley Pitt aka Kesha are the thousands of diseased up celebrity lacing food products on the island with their contaminated blood or feces in order that she too would join their sick and perverted lifestyle.

The Pitt and Crawford Pitt children are due at their boarding schools in Paris, Cork and Beaulieu... not the ended America of the this world. The next official pedophile capitol of the world.

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