Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Mary Queen of Scots Heir to Throne of United Kingdom Queen Palace Never to LiIve On Brit Soil

Blenheim Palace was to be the palace from Mary Queen of Scots air but instead Hollywood actors George Clooney and several corrupt British Police making it yet another reason why she could never reside in former England ever again. Leaving UK in 2005 with the intent to never return eventually saw her travels lead her to Thailand by March 2009.

Announcing the beautiful start of her life with Hollywood actors Brad Pitt and Chace Crawford sees her and they come to separate lives where duty for her comes first and freeing herself and her children from American racism and hatred ends the hope of a fresh start. Instead, sees her stranded on the island of Guam, mistreated and destitute by the very industry that continues to steal her millions and inheritance.

The 11th Duke and Duchess of Marlborough will continue to call the Blenheim Palace home as for a heir to the Mary Queen of Scots throne and fortune residing in Asia is more likely her long-termed future rather than Europe at time.

A queen by bloodline and birth, sole heir in name Cassandra and her off-springs in the near future one of several palaces home but none in Italy or former UK. Targeted by the crime spree going around the world called 'Crime Unit,' headed by Madonna, have been being looting and illegal living in home owned and purchased by her since the launch EliteOne Provocateur in 2011. Where are her millions and where is her justice?

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