Saturday, 21 June 2014

Jennifer Aniston & London MET POLICE Illegal Undertaking Against Kesha Coggins Started 2002

AOL hacking in 2014 is an escalation of crime against KESHA COGGINS AKA KESHA PITT launched in 2002 when Jennifer Aniston commenced collaboration with corruption out of the London Met Police.
Why there is not alert to direct the account holder to an number or communication to customer service assistance ... because Allison Fabiola, a London based stalked associated with the horrendous London Met Police undertaking against her since 1999 over the matter Alastair Burlingham of Merrill Lynch - London  who Allison was after with homosexual rapist and a plot to empty account. The account since access was regained saw at least on main email sender address leading Kesha to believe that Amal Mansour had gained accessed.

Only a year and a half ago Amal Mansour and Alastair Burlingham hacked into this online book publication to block her publication of this now published with ISSUU  AND LEANPUB.COM  Ironically, Alastair nor Amal was aware that the first publication of this awarded poet already published at POETRY.COM

This did not stop the hackers from furthering their efforts to use the published book of poems to hatch their on career moves to utilize her namesake power and celebrity access to fame and fortune. Attending her invites to the Berline FILm Festival in her place was just some of the celebrity's set against her involvement leading her to see once and for all that Jennifer Aniston played a large part in keeping her down for years only to discover that she is a celebrated author, entertainment and celebrity, poet, and CEO of the former EliteOne Provocateur and Elite One FIlms ( both which Jennifer professes to run now herself.) Both shutdown permanently, Kesha will never again seek to work with husband Brad Pitt who Jennifer claims as her husband and partner in EliteOne Provocateur already renamed Provocateur since 2012 unknown to Jennifer.

Jennifer Aniston, incidentally, noted for her 2001/2002 undertaking with London Met Police officer Driss Hayoukane of Kensington and Chelsea Police of London. And, now is directly linked to the ruin of ELIteOne Provcateur and the press tour launch for husband Brad Pitt and Kesha R Coggins aka Kesha Pitt.

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