Thursday, 19 June 2014

Chace Crawford & Wife Mrs Kesha Cassandra Hacked Shared Email Account ~Update

Tragically, kept apart for more than a year, Hollywood jealousy and envy of his rise from 2006 to 2009 continues to plague this determined Hollywood actor, husband and father. Spouse shared with Hollywood Oscar nominated actor Brad Pitt is no easy task. Pitt also determined to deter Crawford's efforts to swindled wife off on their own with Pitt see much of the Hollywood fallout spilled over onto the South Pacific islands much to do with this factor as well as former potential suitors want to seize the opportunity to wed a billionariness wife for themselves.

Pitt still plagued by the determined obsession of Angelina Jolie who still refuses to admit that they former co-stars in fact have no biological children but were entered into some sort of underhanded fostercare provider option when fleecing his money run dry for herself and London Met Police as well as Jennifer Aniston who also continues to dog the Brad and Kesha Pitt marriage now entered into its 20 year by way of early permission granted and proposal as well as pursuit of the rekindled union in 2001 since 1999.

A desperate Aniston hounds the couple with the intent to reside in the Turin, Italy castle in spite of her efforts to ignore Brad's determination to remain by the side of wife, spouse, mother of his only biological children including blonde grand and great grand children. Hounded on and offline, the couple trio have suffered setbacks to due with online security breach but Google has thus far been the most successful with addressing the matter. Unlike, AOL and Yahoo who have blocked access to email accounts for those hacking as old as 15 years. 

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