Thursday, 19 June 2014

Gossip Girl Chace Crawford Rise & Rise Inspite of George Hounding Him

Is George Clooney after Chace Crawford all over again? Seeking him out after discovering him on a Hollywood list of whom was to court and wed the only Mrs. Kesha Cassandra in the event of anything happening to Brad Pitt, Clooney and Matt Damon who just might in fact be legally called Will Bennett ( not to be confused with the hostel stalker who infiltrated Pitt's small but inner circle in 2009 until his demise come January 2011 at Ladera Tower's, Guam) saw the homo pair sodomize and rape Crawford repeatedly until he agreed to stay down. Refusing to do so until he gained the attention of his wife as betrothed to him as well as Pitt some 20 years earlier via the same list, meant that millions were handed over in exchange for his remaining as cast and crew on Gossip Girl.

Hounded online via Facebook, a series of crime sprees involving the same option to turn over your net income rather than endure repeated beating and rape. Crawford went about Hollywood duties behind the scenes to make ends meet but more importantly to earn enough to compete with husband of the woman he loved then and more now Mrs. Kesha Cassandra Pitt and of course her husband Brad Pitt. He also went out of his normal life to obtain larger amounts of money to buy her the life of her dreams. Purchasing her first home's in Budapest, Italy and NEW YORK CITY (the latter being co-purchased by Brad, Chace and Kesha Brad putting up the $2.9 million cash for the newly formed family to come together in glam.

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