Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Marie Watkins mother Antonio Watkins Stalking and Harassing wife of Brad Pitt after Prostituting and Abducting Chace Crawford

please note: that this post was removed from and with claims of Marie ordering  the murders of Chace, Brad and Kesha as some sort of head of Eliteone International. Jamie Stevenson sends young black thug to beat Mrs Kesha Cassandra in the Mount Carmen Cathedral car park last night exclusive coming soon....

Attempting to swindle Brad Pitt out of his millions could spell disastrous for all after the Brad and Kesha fortune. Mother-in-law of Binta Watkin unknown to wife of Brad Pitt re-emerges after years of being in the background of the worst horror set against Brad Pitt and Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford. Discovering Kesha already announced before the world as the wife saw the North Carolina based lowlife family suspected of molesting the children in the household as well as aiding the molestation of Amira Coggins married name Turner's children.

The courts would hear of Antonio Watkins attempt to imprison Kesha in his home he shared with Binta Watkins in 2005. Set a legal precedent when law makers added the charged to the legal crime and justice for prosecution acts passed by law. Imprisonment became a a seriously recognized crime and prosecutors taking the matter of the children being kept from the mother of Binta into consideration would accept the terms exacted by Kesha during Antonio requested mediation of the matter that had the laws been in place already he would have probably received life imprison.

Watkins just today appears to make public pleas to save and rescue the woman she pretended to be the sister of for 20 plus years after witnessing the horror being inflicted upon Chace Crawford in the past 24 hours by Smallville actor Tom Welling. Marie then and now making her extortion and blackmail racket against the efforts of Brad Pitt to re-unite with his wife meant that several London MET Officers were enlisted to aid her aims and greed.

Now in 2005, the set would bring Hartford's Jamie and Denise Stevenson who were already aware that Brad Pitt was in the picture but thought they aided London Met Police Driss Hayoukane's efforts get away with setting Kesha up against her then relationship Alastair Burlingham.

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